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How to capture Active-X event ?

Nov 9, 2013 at 7:03 PM
I have to recode following vbs code to ps1. Who can help, please?

============= vbs ======

Dim Zt
Dim Counter

Set Zt = Wscript.CreateObject("Zeit.Tic", "Zt_")

Function Zt_Tic(ByVal Meldung, ByRef bAus)

WScript.echo Meldung

Counter = Counter + 1

if Counter = 10 then
  Set Zt = Nothing

end if

End function



There is a registered Active-X VB6 zeit.dll, which does generate an Event.
In this example each 1 sec.

Who can help to recode it in PS ???

Thanks in advance, Jan